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Hello. My name is Donnie Thornton. I have been a pet owner all my life. I have operated pet sitting services wherever we have lived.


I was trained by, and served twenty years in the US Army as a Veterinary Technician (Animal Care Specialist). My main mission was preventive care and emergency treatment of the Military Working Dogs assigned to our base. I also saw privately owned pets owned by Military members or retirees for sick visits and annual vaccine appointments.


Just before retirement I applied for my civilian Veterinary Technician License. In order to become licensed, I had to take the Veterinary Technician National Exam (VTNE). I passed and became a Licensed Veterinary Technician (LVT).

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After retirement I was hired again by the US Army as a Veterinary Technician. I am now a US Army Civilian that works at the Veterinary Treatment Facility (VTF) on Eglin, AFB Florida. I still do the same job, I just wear a different uniform.


For my first eight years here I worked nights, weekends, and holidays at the Emergency Veterinary Clinic in Niceville.


In January 2011 I tested for my license for the state of Florida. I passed that test and got my Certification. I am now a Certified Veterinary Technician (CVT) also.


I have worked all over the world with many different species to include: dogs, cats, ferrets, pigs, goats, rats, mice, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, sheep, cattle, horses, mules and donkeys, camels, buffalo, amphibians, snakes, lizards, parrots and other birds, and rabbits.


I think that may be all.


I am also an aquarium owner with fish keeping experience. Both fresh and brackish water.


If you compare my experience, skills, knowledge, and prices to the competition in the area, I am sure that you will be giving me a call.



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 Previous Pack Members

Weenie 2002-2018 She was a stray that came into the kennel at the clinic on Fort Eustis in Virginia. She was about 8 weeks old. The run was so big for a "little bitty" so I took her home instead of leaving her alone. She stayed. No one ever came looking for her.

Ruby 2004-2017 We was her foster family from "Adopt-A-Spot Dalmatian Rescue" in Chesapeake Virginia. She stayed.

Buddy 2007-2020 My wife and youngest son got him. He is the free "Wal-Mart puppy". They were in the bed of a pickup truck. My son couldn't see them as they passed. My wife took him back to look. (She should have never went back) They came home with a pizza and a puppy.

StewartI adopted him from a rescue in Milton.






The Hammies One of our little ones has only "nubs" for rear legs. We noticed it on the way to the checkout counter at the pet store. We couln't not buy her because of her handicap. My son asked the clerk at the checkout if he got a discount on her since she only had two legs. He got her for half price.


Black-eyed Susan She was our "first child".







Baby They black and gray one. She was one of a litter of nine puppies that I brought home from the clinic at Ft. Bragg NC. I went TDY to school shortly after that and had to leave my wife all by herself with them, bottle feeding every few hours. She raised them and adopted them all out. Of course she told the new owners of her "Babies" that if they could not keep them to please call her and she would come get them. The one puppy came back and she got to keep the name that my wifes used to call out to them collectively, "Babies!" (Baby).

JaccobAdopted from the stray kennels on base in Rota, Spain. He was our Spanish Pussycat.