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More than just a pet...

Training ...

Little guys .... I will continue to encourage the training that you have started. Let me know the commands that you have trained.

Have a pet that needs medication?

No problem! I have had experience medicating some pretty resistant pets.

Couch potato? If it is what they enjoy.


Available Services Below is a list of my available services. If you need something not listed, just ask.

All services are rendered in your home.

A free initial visit is required for all new clients. I need to meet you and your pets, and, you need to meet me.

During the initial visit I will provide you with paperwork required prior to pet sitting. It includes your information and your pets' information. This includes vaccinations, your pets vet clinic information, and who to take them to in case of emergency.


I can only provide morning and evening visits for your pets due to my primary job. My wife provides daytime visits if desired.

She has been my pet sitting partner fo 26 years.



If you use our services, the following are always included at no extra charge:

  • Newspaper, mail and packages
  • Plant watering (within reason)
  • Alternate lights and blinds
  • Alternate radio or television
  • Put out or bring in trash cans
  • Fresh food and water
  • Walks
  • Playtime
  • Potty breaks
  • Any medications if needed
  • Poop scoop
  • Litter box clean up
  • Cleaning up accidents
  • Kind and loving word

Dogs that live indoors should have twice a day visits:

Outside dogs should have two, but may be able to do just a single visit.

Cats should be okay with a single visit per day.

Contact me for a customized visitation plan. Each case is different.


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